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Hey look Im actually writing something in here!

Ok so Im finally posted an article I wrote. This will hopefully go in the Oakland Post. Im still waiting for my article idea to be approved by the editor but I was so bored and excited I went a head and wrote the article already, and it might not ever be put in a paper haha.

Its a CD review for a band called "I Can Make A Mess Like Nobodys Business". I just finsihed it about 10 minutes ago I only read over it 3 times and made minor revisions so ignore spelling and punctuation errors I make, I'll fix those in time but let me know if you spot any gramtatical or structure errors. Ofcourse comment and let me know what you think. Personally I think I summarized too much for a review but I like I said let me know what you think.

"A Beautiful Mess"

Arthur ‘Ace’ Enders, lead singer of Indie rock/Emo band “The Early November” decided to take a step back from the hectic life of touring and having to worry about making music that will appeal to a broader audience, to work on a side project titled “I Can Make A Mess Like Nobodys Business“. His accoustic mello rock driven idea was aptly named after a Bob Dylan song, a man in which many who know of Enders style, compare him to. This comparision is brought on by Enders thoughtful, introspective, lyrical style. Enders began recording “I Can Make A Mess…” during the spring of 2004, with only his good friend and music producer Chris Badimi by his side to help with the drums and to add some creative ideas. Working at a relaxed but steady pace, Ace completed the songs to be released online in August and then in stores in late October 2004.
The hard work and thoughtfulness of the CD is appearent right from the beginning, the first track “328” is a simple instrumental, with bites of what sounds to be soap opera dialogue from a tv left on in the background, sprinkled in. With this slow start, you are cought off guard by the fallowing song “Whispering Actually” which is a thriving anthem backed completely by a string section from an orchestra, drums and a slight touch of the keybord here and there. “Whispering Actually” is a song that perfectly represents Enders creativity and taste for a different sound. The lyrics of the song are somewhat cheesy with the chorus warning “This is your chance make it worth your life”, but all that cheese is easy to digest with the impressive and inspirational instrumentals. Tracks three and four go back to a less original but comforting sound. These songs are about self analisys and having the feeling of not being able to satisfy the people around you with the regret of actually caring so much about it. What makes the songs so warming is the smooth, beautiful melodies and rhythm that wraps around the lyrics perfectly.
From track four, the self titled album takes another turn towards stark originality. A country fried tune of sorts named “The Best Hapiness Money Can Buy”. The meaning of the song is given away in the title. This short but sweet sounding melodic piece is made to be taken seriously by its lyrics proclaiming “it’s the one that stole your fathers pride, that mighty, might dollar sign. These are the things that matter now, so sing along and be prepared”. A beauty can be found in this song by its light hearted harmony but critical lyrics, it gives the song a bold irony, refering to the carelessness and materialism we are letting our society slip into. It’s also preety catchy, me and my friends love singing along to this one.
Another song that deserves individual praise is track seven, interstingly titled, “But when the little fellow came close and put both arms around his mother and kissed her in a appealing boyish fashion, she was moved to tenderness” , yes the song title is actually that long. This maybe one of the most beautifully written songs I have ever had the privelage of hearing. It tells the story of two people who have been down on their luck their whole lives but never lost faith, never gave up, never complained and kept moving, remaining satisfied with a life that would leave most hopeless and depressed. Enders tells these stories and then praises them with the uplifting chorus “It gives me hope in the best for everyone, in understanding what weve done. I laugh to myself it gives me hope.”. This song brings a smile to my face and gives me hope myself.
After the heartwarming appeal of track seven, “I Can Make A Mess” takes somewhat of a dark turn. There are two untitled tracks in a row, something typically uncommon but this CD certainly isn’t typical as it has four untitled tracks spread throughout the album. This dark turn is set up with track eight, a story of being led on only to continuelsy be disappointed. Track 9 has an upbeat melody but don’t be fooled for the song is about having struggles with self consciousness, social anxiety and trying to find a way to overcome such problems. Amung the darkest songs is number ten, “The Kindler Burns”. The lyrics in this song depict the tale of a man who in a sense has sold his soul to the devil for the promise of hapiness, of course the promise was not fulfilled and he was left with the struggles of having to be someone he isn’t, then realizing that he was happy with who he was before.
Fallowing the “Kindler Burns” was the “The End of the Background Noise” which was a song with a simple irony brought on by producers Badami and Enders. Throughout “I Can Make a Mess…” the sounds of soap operas and game shows could be heard in the background. I referenced this earlier of how it sounds as though they left on the television while they were recording. In actuality the sound clips were planted in by the producers purposley. In an interview Enders did for his label Drive Thru Records website, he refered to it as “noise pollution” that represents all the clutter going on around in our lives. In this track, Enders explains of how he wants it to end and he wishes he could just make it stop. The song begins with sounds from the television in the background but by the end of the track, the background noise is gone and it never comes back. This symbolism and anylisys of human life is among the many things that make this CD so impressive and creative. If you have any of Enders other work with The Early November , you’ll remember that a similar technique was used in their last record “The Rooms Too Cold”, where they used interludes of random people talking in a couple of the songs, that album was also produced by Chris Badami.
The record does not pick up in spirit until the last song. In between “The end of the background noise” and the final track “Salvy” , lies songs of longing, frusteration and paranoia. Untitled track twelve is up there in the “most beautiful song” category. Track twelve in my opinion is the most “emo” song on the CD. Its layerd in sad notes and a desperate melody as Enders cries to have his former love back. Don’t take that as criticism, like I said, it’s a beautiful song, it also has fantastic lyrics and metaphors. Enders also shows his great vocal ability towards the end of the song, belting out the chorus with a sound of pain, sarrow and anger. Track fourteen on “I Can Make a Mess…” named “I know the sum and substance of my own evil” is a dark and dreary song that refers back to all the nights where you can t sleep because youre questioning everything and youre not quite sure why but youre creeped out. What sets this song aside from the other ones, is Enders hallowed, eerie vocals, and a driving guitar wrif towards the end of the song that is then accompanied by him screaming out part of the chorus.
“I Can Make A Mess Like Nobodys Business” finishes up on a bright refreshing note with “Salvy”. Ace tells the stories of people who fallowed their own path and were themselves, no matter what others thought or said about them. This track preaches individuality with the chorus “Look at yourself tracing circles of life that everybodies owend. Walk on your own, trip and you’ll fall, get up but you’ll love who you become”. Enders also brings the one and only electric guitar solo towards the end of this track. The only songs that were not done with accoustic guitars were the final two.
This album is brilliant. Its analisys on our modern day culture, the story telling of those who gave up and those who didn’t, it’s metaphors, the symbolism and irony all found in the lyrics accompanied with simple yet smooth warming melodies, make it one of the best albums I have ever heard in my life. Ive personally had this record for over a year and when I first heard it, I became addicted and pretty much listend to it for three months striaght, and still after all this time I remain taken back by this CD and feel the need to spread word of this. If you are simply a fan of good music but preferably Indie, Emo or Folk , go pick up “I Can Make A Mess Like Nobodys Business” and prepare to fall in love.
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