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Weakness wrote this

Im not really too sure why I wrote this. There really isnt a need for it. Maybe Im just letting you know that a part of me still misses you. I wanna check in on you and let you know how Im doing. I dont know. I havent known since you left me but I dont think I knew when I was with you either. But yeah I do miss you but I couldnt see you again, thats one of the reasons why Id rather not work at Kohls but whatever. I could see you but Im too stupid and weak to handle it. I dont know maybe I want you to respond, maybe I dont. I just dont know. So take this how you want, I guess Im indifferent but...
I just wanted to say hi without really having to.

...I found something sweet in something I wrote. I just thought that even though this is supposed to be private and it shows a very sorry poor weak side of me that I still have any feeling at all for her. I just thought Id share the last part of this note I wrote tonight.

I wrote it because I couldnt make it.

Yeah I didnt expect this to be my first official post in here. But I thought it was appropriate only because well as I was saying before it shows a true weakness of people and how strong love can be even when it fails, even when it was undeserved.

There is no such thing as a happy writer

I should be doing homework
I should be sleeping
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