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story for halloween edition of the legend. (hasn't been edited yet!)

Freshman struggles with past Halloween trauma

Emily Briskey
Staff Reporter

Trick or Treat! Three common words heard throughout the entire world on the night of October 31, for as long as most woods-tower students can remember. Josh Wofford '09 has dealt with a horrifying Halloween experience that has caused him to never say the phrase again.
During Josh's third grade year of school he was excited about going trick or treating with his family around his neighborhood of Houston, Texas. After traveling from house to house and collecting candy from neighbors and strangers Josh returned home with his parents and siblings. Also a tradition of the Wofford family, Josh's parents rummaged through his candy to insure that all was safe to eat.
After the inspection Josh did what most American children (who are permitted to do so) do on Halloween. He enjoyed piece after piece of the candy that he had worked hard for with an awesome costume, and a loud yell. "The sucker looked misshaped but I just thought it was normal," Josh explains of the conflections deformities. While sucking on a tootsie pop, Josh reached the chewy chocolate center. Embedded inside the Chocolate was a metal razor blade, that not only chipped Josh's tooth, but chipped away a piece of his childhood and tradition of innocence.
Terrified, Josh told his parents about the inncidence and they notified the authorities immediately. Though the Police questioned Josh and his family about the location that their festivities took place, The person was never found or identified. Since then, Josh has remained home on Halloween night, ocassionally just passing out candy and enjoying his evening alone while his parents and younger siblings enjoy their safe, Warren Michigan neighborhood. Josh's parents don't hold his refrainment against him, however. They understand why he chooses to remain at home. "My parents tend to stay out of my business on Halloween," Josh says.
Josh has truly been scarred for the rest of his life. Not only does he never plan to trick-or-treat again, He also never plans to let future offspring of his take part in the American tradtion. "If I ever have kids they'll probably never be able to go trick-or-treating," Josh reveals.
Though Josh admits that hadn't this incident took place he may very well still be trick-or-treating, he also explains that "there comes a point in your life when you don't trick-or-treat anymore. High School is a little too old." He had to learn that lesson through his own harrowing experience all to soon.
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