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High School Journalism

writing is a way of life

11/5/06 06:12 am - nightmarej - Writers?

Hello everyone,

I am trying to start up an internet based paper that will be made by people on LJ. There will be a staff community made after we have enough people.

I was wondering if anyone here would be interested in writing for the paper? We need different writers for different topics in the paper so I'm thinking we need about 12 different writers. SO if you can write me a paragraph saying why you think you would be a good writer for my paper that would be great! It is not necessary but you will have a better chance with it.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to comment to this post! I hope this is allowed in the community and I'm sorry if it isn't!

8/12/06 04:57 pm - hookandeye - Hello!

Hi all!
I'm brand new here and i love the look of this community.
I was wondering, however, if anyone would be willing to do we a small favour.
I am about to enter a story as a major project at school. What i would really love are some objective critiques on the style/flow etc.
If anyone is willing could you please send me your email? I'd post it but i'm not quite sure if i should do that before i hand it it!

Thankyou so much, i hope i can give back to this community in the future also!

1/6/06 01:33 pm - peeping0x0tom - Spread ideas.

Hi! I'm the double truck editor at my high school paper, and I need help. I have absolutely no idea what to do for this month's spread (five-six articles plus photos/graphics). The DOP is February 18th, if that's of any use.

I'd appreciate any suggestions, or points in directions.

Thank you so much!



11/9/05 06:04 pm - ilana_frombklyn

Hello friendly folks here at the somewhat silent highjournalism. I have been inspired by the dude with the purpley icon to post something I have been working on, and am still working on, for quite some time. Its subject is a bit eccentric, something many are probably not familiar with (yess...a subsect within Ultra-Orthodox Judaism...verrry universal). Its a subject I find intriguing, and perhaps you might as well. Even if you don't maybe you could look at it stylistically and let me know what you think? Okay I fully expect no comments but I might as well try I suppose.

'Chabad Within Orthodox Circles'Collapse )

11/9/05 03:32 pm - yzermanrocks - Hey look Im actually writing something in here!

Ok so Im finally posted an article I wrote. This will hopefully go in the Oakland Post. Im still waiting for my article idea to be approved by the editor but I was so bored and excited I went a head and wrote the article already, and it might not ever be put in a paper haha.

Its a CD review for a band called "I Can Make A Mess Like Nobodys Business". I just finsihed it about 10 minutes ago I only read over it 3 times and made minor revisions so ignore spelling and punctuation errors I make, I'll fix those in time but let me know if you spot any gramtatical or structure errors. Ofcourse comment and let me know what you think. Personally I think I summarized too much for a review but I like I said let me know what you think.

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10/26/05 10:50 pm - _stefalie_said_

okay. so, our first isue just came out. [emily, im sending you a copy!]
Now, to the 2nd issue of the wingspan. I need more Ideas. any ideas would be delightful.

10/26/05 01:37 am - yayforyeh - DECEMBER SCHOOL ISSUE

ANYONE HAVE GOOD HOLIDAY/XMAS/NEW YEARS SPREAD OR STORIES OR ARTICLE FOR A HIGH SCHOOL NEWSPAPER??? maybe something u've seen or heard about or ever though about??
i.e. like most popular gift to give..etc.

or just about ANY good idea

i.e. like what the teachers were like in high school

(those ideas were some of the ones our journalism team came up with..haha BUT we need some better stuff)

*creative, funny ideas appreciated!

10/21/05 03:15 am - yzermanrocks - Weakness wrote this

Im not really too sure why I wrote this. There really isnt a need for it. Maybe Im just letting you know that a part of me still misses you. I wanna check in on you and let you know how Im doing. I dont know. I havent known since you left me but I dont think I knew when I was with you either. But yeah I do miss you but I couldnt see you again, thats one of the reasons why Id rather not work at Kohls but whatever. I could see you but Im too stupid and weak to handle it. I dont know maybe I want you to respond, maybe I dont. I just dont know. So take this how you want, I guess Im indifferent but...
I just wanted to say hi without really having to.

...I found something sweet in something I wrote. I just thought that even though this is supposed to be private and it shows a very sorry poor weak side of me that I still have any feeling at all for her. I just thought Id share the last part of this note I wrote tonight.

I wrote it because I couldnt make it.

Yeah I didnt expect this to be my first official post in here. But I thought it was appropriate only because well as I was saying before it shows a true weakness of people and how strong love can be even when it fails, even when it was undeserved.

There is no such thing as a happy writer

I should be doing homework
I should be sleeping

10/19/05 02:17 pm - yzermanrocks

Hey Im Kyle Bauer and I think the only person I know in this community is Emily but I love to write my ass off. I wrote for my school newspaper for 2 and a half years and I'll hopefully be on my colleges newspaper The Oakland Post very soon. So yeah I went to Warren Woods Tower and I go to Oakland University.

I'll post some stuff in here soon whether its aritcles Ive written or stories, poems, essays, narratives, I'll post alot of it and hopefully you'll enjoy it.

Just wanted to introduce myself.

10/16/05 03:28 pm - emilybriskey - story for halloween edition of the legend. (hasn't been edited yet!)

Freshman struggles with past Halloween trauma

Emily Briskey
Staff Reporter

Trick or Treat! Three common words heard throughout the entire world on the night of October 31, for as long as most woods-tower students can remember. Josh Wofford '09 has dealt with a horrifying Halloween experience that has caused him to never say the phrase again.
During Josh's third grade year of school he was excited about going trick or treating with his family around his neighborhood of Houston, Texas. After traveling from house to house and collecting candy from neighbors and strangers Josh returned home with his parents and siblings. Also a tradition of the Wofford family, Josh's parents rummaged through his candy to insure that all was safe to eat.
After the inspection Josh did what most American children (who are permitted to do so) do on Halloween. He enjoyed piece after piece of the candy that he had worked hard for with an awesome costume, and a loud yell. "The sucker looked misshaped but I just thought it was normal," Josh explains of the conflections deformities. While sucking on a tootsie pop, Josh reached the chewy chocolate center. Embedded inside the Chocolate was a metal razor blade, that not only chipped Josh's tooth, but chipped away a piece of his childhood and tradition of innocence.
Terrified, Josh told his parents about the inncidence and they notified the authorities immediately. Though the Police questioned Josh and his family about the location that their festivities took place, The person was never found or identified. Since then, Josh has remained home on Halloween night, ocassionally just passing out candy and enjoying his evening alone while his parents and younger siblings enjoy their safe, Warren Michigan neighborhood. Josh's parents don't hold his refrainment against him, however. They understand why he chooses to remain at home. "My parents tend to stay out of my business on Halloween," Josh says.
Josh has truly been scarred for the rest of his life. Not only does he never plan to trick-or-treat again, He also never plans to let future offspring of his take part in the American tradtion. "If I ever have kids they'll probably never be able to go trick-or-treating," Josh reveals.
Though Josh admits that hadn't this incident took place he may very well still be trick-or-treating, he also explains that "there comes a point in your life when you don't trick-or-treat anymore. High School is a little too old." He had to learn that lesson through his own harrowing experience all to soon.
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